The Strange World of Ardent Paul Supporters (SWAPS)

The entire Ron Paul movement, and yes I did call it a movement, is an unusual coalition of True Believers. Red State blaming the ban on “a bunch of liberals pretending to be Republicans” is pure partisan horse shit. An Inconvenient Truthiness, as it were, But, the fact remains that many of his supporters are hijacking threads throughout the blogoshpere and it’s enough to piss off the Good Humour Man, much less, an ill tempered old prick like me. Anonymous Liberal, among others, are subbing for Glenn Greenwald this week, and in his very fine post about the looming Iran War it was infiltrated almost immediately by a Paulite, extolling the virtues of the Good Doctor. Comment #4 and a Ron Paul supporter shows up with an off topic comment! The irony being that this commenter is ripping Democrats. Lovely! I’d hate for Liberals to feel left out of the mindless chatter from the “In Crowd.” It makes me wonder if Paul supporters were with Dennis Kucinich when he had his close encounter. Well, even serious Paul supporters find themselves aghast at their Fellow Travelers. The more ardent Paul supporters seem to be a self-defeating gaggle of hippies, isolationists and militia flunkies; all of whom have one thing in common–too much time on their hands.


About The Ancient Randonneur

A randonneur and epicure without a sinecure.
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