Eating the Middle Class

David Sirota nails down some stunning details about the looming crisis of Democrats and Big Money, Big Business, and Big Bullshit:

In response to the push for the new NAFTAs, at least a few principled business leaders are saying enough is enough. Private equity executive Leo Hindery, a longtime Democratic fundraiser, told me in a recent interview, “The wealthy are now a political constituency unto themselves that is decidedly nonpartisan. (my emphasis added)

“Those who have personal skin in the trade policies game can’t really be trusted to present things objectively or unselfishly,” he said. “These folks are only interested in keeping the current system going and even expanding it, as grossly unfair to workers as it has become.”

We all remember the election of 2006. Corruption! Thieving criminal rat-bastards! Throw the Bums Out! The first question that comes to mind after reading Sirota’s fine piece of writing is: Did we trade one set of thieves, for a different just as opportunistic set of criminals in Congress? They have not really passed any meaningful lobbying reform yet. The jury is still out. But the fear and loathing grips me by the throat when I look at the catalog of former Clinton Administration officials now on the Public Gravy Train set up specifically to enrich the entire criminal enterprise manned by the revolving government door. The only qualification to ride along with these thugs is to have worshiped at the altar of the Lobbyist Masters for a while. The magically you are rewarded with a lucrative position among the Masters. You get your turn at the Public Trough!

As Bubba’s Wife positions herself to grab the reigns of power from the former Cheerleader so the Bush-Clinton cabal can continue to leach the lifeblood from the American Dream, the fetid Swamp in Washington continues to fill with various miscreants and felons. Bush I–in my estimation a benign creature–served his Lobbyist Masters, but never really got “the vision thing.” (His words, not mine.) The unwitting H.W. may well have been the Lobbyists choice to begin the Real Plan to crush the American Dream. Little did we know that the political landscape was devolving into a Nixonian level of chicanery and treachery on a much grander scale.

The Clinton years now appear to have been a continuation of this solidification of Dynasty for Lobbyists. Bubba’s piss poor judgment, and inability to keep his pants zipped up, in the face of a howling mob led by Tom Delay, helped to put the American Dream on hold. We were teased with Peace and Prosperity during the 90’s, but its unraveling began before his gig was up. Scandal after scandal kept the mindless press diverted with busy work while Bubba and his gang set the stage for the greatest rape of the Constitution since Richard Milhous Nixon and his band of Merry Fuckers stole the 1972 Presidential election. Go take a look at the Aviation Security and Anti-Terrorism Act of 1996 and see if reminds you of any … *cough* Partriot Act *cough* … 4th Amendment abrogation activity in recent memory. Whew. Sorry for the cough I have had a terrible cold this past weekend.

Of course, the great head fake by the former Cheerleader fooled enough people to get him appointed to the Presidency by the Supremes. The head fake? Yeah, “compassionate conservative”, “humble nation”, and all the other bullshit. Jesus H. Christ how in the fuck did Al Gore lose after eight years of Peace and Prosperity? Well, we should have investigated his background a little more. Its money in the bank, that the insufferable, tiresome Fool was always picked last in any game. Even a bunch of fifth graders figured out what a loser this guy is. But, the Democrats once again proved they could snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory.

But I digress. The stage, 2001, was set for the ramp of the Real Plan to crush the American Dream when the former Cheerleader picked that neckless beast Richard “Big Dick” Cheney to be his Co-President. (Hey Bubba had his. Why not the feckless former Cheerleader? You know the whole “Clinton did it too!” meme began very early on.) Begin drum roll please! With Tom Delay and Denny “Quasimoto” Hastert in tow what happened over the next few years was written in stone. Of course, the burning World Trade Towers only provided cover for the Felonious assault on the Treasury and the Constitution. Bend over America because we gonna get some of that Bootay! And, of course, the response in 2004 was: “Use a little vaseline this time, please.” The assault on the 4th Amendment and the outright declaration of Martial Law has been stunning. These bastards have no shame. The Daddy State is almost complete.

Now, after almost 7 years of this bullshit Big Media is ready to anoint Bubba’s Wife as the heir apparent to this Dynasty of Pillage and Rape. Oh, we hear charming little disclaimers that the “election” is still too far away to predict the outcome–but, lets face it, this Bubbla’s Wife Machine is awesome!

If Bubba’s Wife grabs the Oval Office be prepared for Treachery and Chicanery that will make Richard Milhous Nixon stand up in his grave and cheer wildly. Oh, and say goodbye to what’s left of the threadbare 4th Amendment and your cash strapped wallet. She’s gonna make the former Cheerleader look like a dilettante.


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