Hail to the Abrogationist in Chief! (And His Supplicants in the Congress)

The President has the authority to pardon. But the former Cheerleader and his supplicants (Harry Reid, Jay Rockefeller to start with) in Congress have decided to forgo any sense of decency and give the corporate criminals from the major telecons amnesty for being complicit in Government abrogation of the 4th Amendment.

Q: Why do the corporate criminals need this legislation?

A: Because it will keep them from answering any questions in a court of law. In other words, it saves them legal expenses.

Q: But didn’t Ford pardon Nixon before he ever went to court?

A: Yes he did. But in this case Bush wants POLITICAL cover so he does not need to provide amnesty for the Corporate criminals.

Can you hear the former Cheerleader now? “Heh heh, you know, well, the CONGRESS said it was OK. So, heh heh, I may be the Decider, but I’m not going to argue with Congress on this one. I mean, you knew, heh heh, they made Me America stronger in the War on Terrorism with this very fine piece of White House preapproved legislation.”

Abrogation of our 4th Amendment rights surely must make us stronger, eh? Besides, with the exception of the 2nd Amendment, everything in the Bill of Rights is guidelines. No?


About The Ancient Randonneur

A randonneur and epicure without a sinecure.
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