Why Torture?

Even the Khmer Rouge knew that torture could not be used to obtain reliable, actionable intelligence. Torture was used as a means to terrorize suspected dissidents, and to create a more servile population.

It is my OPINION the current administration understands the point I just made. The “extreme interrogation” methods are being used to terrorize Muslims. Why? To create fear amongst those who might be inclined to do us and our allies harm. We can see how well its working. Again–this is my opinion. But what other reason could these people have for continuing this madness? Isn’t brute force the modus operandi for this administration? Why should we be surprised Bush and the gang would think any differently about torture than they do about blowing up Iran because they–might–someday–in the future–have a nuke? Isn’t a “raghead” just a “raghead”? (Unless, of course, you want to hold hands with the “good ones” because your family has done business with them for almost a century.)


About The Ancient Randonneur

A randonneur and epicure without a sinecure.
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