Could It Really Be?

I hope this Andrew Sullivan reader; quoted in a post on Sullivan’s blog, is not just someone hoping for the best. Anyone who reads this blog knows most of my screeds are about the former Cheerleader and his band of thugs. But I must say that IF we are really seeing the beginning of the end of this disaster in Iraq it can only be considered fantastic news. Are the Iraqis finally pulling themselves out of the violence and misery? I hope so. America needs this positive news for the sake of our troops. With that said; I am unconvinced that this is not some kind of lull or other shift before the violence sky-rockets again, but this might be the FIRST truly hopeful news to come from that hell hole created by our unnecessary invasion. Even a blind squirrel finds a few acorns, even if the that squirrel is named Dubya.

A flicker of hope on my part. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Iraqis standing up for Iraqis is the only way the war will come to any conclusion that comes out on the positive side of the ledger for the United States. Our military has performed spectacularly and done everything asked of them. Unfortunately, they can’t force the competing sectarian groups to hold hands and sing Kubayah. But maybe, just maybe, the enough tribal leaders have seen the destruction wreaked on them by AQI so they can accept the help of American Forces. Today’s report that Shia leaders travelled to Sunni dominated Ramadi is more good news that the War may have turned a very important corner.

So far the news is mixed.


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