Hope Is Not A Plan

After reviewing much of the pre-Iraq war analysis from some of the more widely read liberal bloggers I came across this 2002 piece by Josh Micah Marshall (TPM) writing in the Washington Monthly. Here’s the money quote:

It’s difficult to imagine that the establishment and national security bureaucracies would have brought us to our current and correct focus on Iraq. But it’s even more clear that the hawks’ record of breezy planning, reckless prediction, and indifferent fidelity to the truth makes them unfit to be the ones in control of how the job gets done. The hawks have a vision. But as the folks in uniform are so fond of saying, “Hope is not a plan.” Getting rid of Saddam really is necessary. But it has to be done right. So, Mr. President, when the time comes for you to make a decision about Iraq, talk with Paul Wolfowitz and let him tell you what the goal should be. Escort him to the door and lock it behind you. Then sit down for a serious talk with Colin Powell.

Sadly, less than one year later Colin Powell would ruin his reputation with his sad and pathetic presentation before the UN Security Council.


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