NEWSFLASH: MSM says MSM is doing its job!

Once again Mike Soraghan (and Carl Bernstein) get it wrong:

“The difference with today is that the system did its job. The press did its job. The court did its job. The Senate committee did its job,” [Carl] Bernstein said Saturday. “There’s been great reporting on this president. But there’s been no oversight. We have a Democratic Congress now and there’s still no oversight.” (Emphasis added)

Where to start with these self-congratulatory half-wits? Jesus H. Christ what planet are these two on? Cheney and Rove manipulated the MSM like hot dog wieners at a Blind Whores Convention. Anyone remember Judith Miller? Wake up numb nuts! And go read the Constitution, it only takes 41 Senators for a de facto filibuster. No oversight? Better tell Leahy, Waxman and Boxer those committee hearings are all for not.

It must be time for me to go slam a few high quality Belgian Abbey-style Ales and forget this garbage for a while.


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