Fear and Loathing in the Presidential Campaign of ’08


This from the party that purports to be progressive?

Huh? What party would that be? Was this email from the DNC? How about some precision in language here! We may infer the person is a Democrat, but even that is at best an educated guess. Could not this person be a Republican or Independent who lives in a state with open primaries? Trivial? No!

…and that’s the reason the great religions tell us not to act in anger…

Please! The great religions don’t tell us anything! People who have written and spoken about these matters have told us what they think their chosen deity wants. We have absolutely NO EVIDENCE that religion, or the deity of that particular flavor of deism, has ever spoken to anyone. However, I did drop some acid once (back in the 60’s) and had an enlightening conversation with Jesus until he melted back into the wall I was leaning on. No honey and locusts for me!

Now as far as Hillary goes: She’ll be equally corrupt and wrongheaded as the former Cheerleader and his band of merry neocons, just as devious, and she will be just competent enough to keep the ship of state on an even keel. Then in 2017, she can hand off the controls to the next half-bright disaster in waiting.

See it really isn’t all that bad, is it?


About The Ancient Randonneur

A randonneur and epicure without a sinecure.
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