Heather & Pete

With the announcement of Pete Domenici coming this afternoon, Heather Wilson has decided to throw her hat in the ring for the seat. The very first thing the Democrats should do is start hounding Heather Wilson to denounce the American Conservative magazine article entitled American Sycophant written by conservative Andrew Bacevich. If she can vote to condemn MoveOn for their tasteless ad about Petraeus she will certainly want to defend his honor from that scathing attack.

Heather has been traveling around the state quite a bit this Spring. And someone is running an ad (since the SCHIP final vote) encouraging people to call Heather and thank her for voting FOR the legislation. To steal a line from Clarence Thomas: Whoop-de-damn-do! What with her being a maverick and all.

She’s still got all the baggage from voting for the War, continued support of it, and her silence on the issue of torture. You know, REAL criticism of the former Cheerleader and his henchman. Oh, and the little matter of a phone call might hurt a bit as well.

So Heather: Bring It On!

Anyone seen my MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner anywhere?


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