Membership has its Privileges

Rachel Dry from the Washington Post gives us our daily dose of Senate truth as humor. Larry Craig rests his Member on the Citizens he serves.

On the Senate floor on Nov. 1, 1993, while discussing the implications of such a subpoena, Craig made the following point about senatorial ethics:

“While we must be of concern, we cannot be so selective as to suggest that we, and we alone, have the right to determine the destiny of the serving of a U.S. Senator in this body. We can only determine what are the ground rules for his or her conduct during their time of service here. We have argued for over two centuries, and very exclusively, that the right of the Member to serve rests only with the citizens he serves or she serves and not with this body.

With the current crop of “Leaders” in washington d.c. it is completely unnecessary to have comedy writers. Just read the newspaper. It’s usually good for a few chuckles.


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