Wish You Weren’t Here

One of the criticisms from the Former Cheerleader’s dead end supporters is that those who do not support his Monstrosity of a Fuck Up in Iraq is that we “wish for his failure.” Why? Because it would suit our political agenda. Please read my lips: No–I do not hope we fail in Iraq. I hope I am wrong about the former Yale Cheerleader and his seeming inability to lead this country. I truly hope I am wrong about how completely, and utterly ineffectual his leadership has proven to be. Lives are at risk. Five of those lives happen to be members of my family. But let us not quibble about minor things like the leadership abilities of a deceptive and delusional individual who believes some Mystical God made him President.

Many Democrats have reasonable plans. (e.g. Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, and Jim Webb) So long as the Former Cheerleader is President we have NO chance of a coherent policy. I have little faith in the Executive Branch’s ability to lead us in War Time. What will they do today or tomorrow that will change the course of disaster set in motion five years ago? I have seen no indication that they even understand how completely, and possibly, how irreparably this War has harmed our great nation.

Impeach the Cheerleader. Save the world.


About The Ancient Randonneur

A randonneur and epicure without a sinecure.
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