The former college cheerleader searches for planet Earth

Fred Kaplan’s analyzes Bush Deception Syndrome (BDS):

The biggest fiction was that because of the “success” of the surge, we can reduce U.S. troop levels in Iraq from 20 combat brigades to 15 by next July. Gen. David Petraeus has recommended this step, and President George W. Bush will order it so.

Let’s be clear one more time about this claim: The surge of five extra combat brigades (bringing the total from 15 to 20) started in January. Their 15-month tours of duty will begin to expire next April. The Army and Marines have no combat units ready to replace them. The service chiefs refuse to extend the tours any further. The president refuses to mobilize the reserves any further. And so, the surge will be over by next July. This has been understood from the outset. It is the result of simple arithmetic, not of anyone’s decision, much less some putative success.

I will say it again. The former cheerleader’s weakest subject was mathematics. That is why none of this adds up.

OK. Now I am officially a real, no shit, dyed in the wool blogger. I just linked back to one of my own posts. My greatness shines through during the most challenging of times. Maybe I should have taken that volunteer job as a Candy Striper! But no & all I got was this meaningless blog. Things out here in the Badlands are under control. Sawadee.


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