Regret & Reconsideration In A Time Of Fear

I was drinking some Pomegranate Juice when I came across Charlie Savage’s smackdown of the former B-movie actor’s and former Yale cheerleader’s administrations. Unchecked power in the White House is now being reconsidered by the the Reagan Revolutionary Guard. Charlie punches their teeth out with this journalistic haymaker:

It should come as no surprise that some Reaganites are critical of the sweeping new powers that Bush has asserted: Though it seems almost quaint to note, conservatives are supposed to be suspicious of concentrated government authority. But like many disenchanted former rebels, it is also rare to find a conservative willing, even privately, to consider whether the largely GOP-driven post-Watergate project to expand presidential power may have contained flaws from the beginning, rather than just having recently gone astray.

Looks like the half bright Texan had a little help getting started down the road to tyranny, eh?

Of course, after the former cheerleader’s speech last night I expected to see a Fox News clip of Jenna, Barbie, and Ann Coulter getting drunk in Basra with David Petraeus and Ryan Crocker. But, alas, my dear reader, we know the truth. Mathematics was never a strong subject for the C student from Texas, because this nonsense just doesn’t add up. Does it? How did this guy ever become President in the first place? Simple. Run against the biggest loser on the planet. Oh, and his daddy was the Big Boss, and his Mommy has her picture on the one dollar bill. But, Gore was a chump and we are paying for it. John Kerry? Please just shoot me now. I am in agony.

Well I veered of course a bit, but when did that ever stop me? Sawadee.


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