Less Than Meets The Eye

Just once would it be possible for the Bushies to give us a story with no attempt at making more out of less than meets the eye. Newsweek online reports the Marines, and their family members, from one of the first units being sent home from Iraq have known for a month that they were redeploying. Here is

the money quote:

One Marine from the unit, who asked not to be identified for fear or reprisal by his superiors, has a more cynical view. “Seems to me we’re just being used as political pawns by the Pentagon and the White House,” he says. “They’re pleasing the Democrats with this announcement, I guess, but we’ve been here a short time compared to other units. In my personal opinion, the general is playing off our regular deployment schedule and our success here, knowing we’re scheduled to come home anyways. It’s totally political, and I think it’s deceptive.”


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