Fear and loathing in the Twin Cities

Read Greg Sargent’s piece reference Senator Craig’s decision to request his plea bargain be withdrawn. I am not an attorney so I will leave speculation as to what the outcome might be to others more qualified. However, an interesting fact is that the 2008 Republican National Convention is being held in Saint Paul, MN. OUCH! A super majority of all Republicans attending the convention will travel through the same airport that Senator Craig took his “wide stance” in. Does this not prolong the agony for the already embattled R’s? Look at this write up about the 2008 convention in Wikipedia. In particular, look at the section titled Political Significance . What fraction of a Friedman Unit do you think it will take to get that re-written?

The convention is still twelve months away, but HOLY COW, the R’s may have to resurrect ol’ Abe Lincoln and do their best Weekend at Bernie’s imitation to even stay close in the ’08 election. Good thing David Vitter was telling the truth about his weakness for women other than his wife! Otherwise things could get real ugly for the R’s. OUCH!

The Christianists may well relegate the R’s in Congress to minority status for a generation. With so many moderate D’s being elected in the South and Rocky Mountain States I don’t see how the R’s recover anytime soon. The Delay/Gingrich/Bush experiment of governance by fear and division appears to have laid waste to a once noble political movement. The Conservative Soul doth require much mending and rejuvenation.


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