Iglesias bashing and the NM GOP

to: all the Iglesias bashers:

Why do you think the charges against Manny and crew were announced in April? From the documents and reporting I have seen it appears that key plea agreements were necessary in order to solidify cases against the major players. Evidently those agreements were not reached until just prior to the unsealing of the indictments. Iglesias a slacker? Yea, the slacker that finally got the goods on Manny. OK he was PART of the team (and its leader)that will probably take down one of NM’s most influential political leaders of the past quarter century. Now let’s see how well the post-Iglesias USA’s office does with the trial. The office is full of CAREER professional federal prosecutors, people hired based on non-partisan criteria. They are sworn to uphold the law. Officers of the Court as it were. Will the entire DOJ scandal effect the trial? Let us hope not. But I am not so sure. Has the DOJ been infected by partisan politics?

Each President lays out the agenda and priorities for the DOJ. But–did this Administration inject prosecution for political gain into who, how and when prosecutions are carried out? Read or watch all the testimony before Congress. It appears that may be a distinct possibility. I hope it does NOT harm this, or any other, pending case.

My question for the Iglesias bashers is this: Has the DOJ been harmed by the Current Occupant and his crew? Do the American people still have faith in the Federal justice system? With a few good Republicans like David Iglesias, just maybe, all is not lost.

Just as an aside–I doubt I would vote for Iglesias if he ran for public office. Why? We probably do not agree on many important issues. I don’t defend Iglesias because I think he is on my political side. Iglesias was one of the few good political appointees made by the Current Occupant. He was a very good law enforcement official. That does not mean I want him to be my Senator or Congressman. No offense intended to Mr. Iglesias, but I do thank you for your service in our Navy and in law enforcement.


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